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  • -=[Soulfood]=- .:. Current track: Maysa - Love So True .:. The soul of Amsterdam is still alive... Daily grooves... The Evening sessions and the Night moves. iTunes
  • -=[Soulfood]=- .:. Current track: Hil St. Soul - Nostalgia .:. Weekdays between 12.00 and 13.00(CET): Soulfood; the food that moves your soul... An hour of RB tracks released since 2000 iTunes
  • -=[Soulfood]=- .:. Current track: Will Downing - Heaven in Your Eyes .:. iTunes
  • -=[Soulfood]=- .:. Current track: Lenora Jaye - Real Love .:. Every weekday from 6pm untill 8pm(CET)... Ken Nichols\' Classics iTunes
  • -=[Soulfood]=- .:. Current track: Will Downing Chante Moore - When You Need Me .:. iTunes
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